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yea assassins creed theories and truths to laws? and goals to get out the game, art, philosophies arty people everything. the movie is shaping up like a Blade in the night.

My take is seen below: Ezio eraish


In assassins creed movie this is the cunt playing Michael Fassbender’s father … Brenden Gleeson (British dude in the pic with grey areas 🙂 (also pictured) ) looks dope as shit just not enough relation to the game to spur cunts and assassins in general…thanks syndicate fucking thanks! good thing we have Unity and prior games.. Assassins Creed like we follow orders well but kill random evil like try hards NO betterment of the brotherhood with a tad of immersion. magic happens just need eagle visions in human minds.
Country: United State France
Language: English
Budget: $150–200 million (heavy pockets)

main Michael Fassbender dude Born 2 April 1977 (age 39)(pictured)
Heidelberg, West Germany
Residence Hackney, London[1]
Alma mater Drama Centre London
Occupation Actor, producer
Years active 2001–present


oh the setting is prolly interesting a super complex on the Spanish Inquisition just into the 1500 century so people fought about everything with everything..religion and reality mainly but yea. people to characters are so far are list below.


 Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch and Aguilar de Nerha:

Original characters created for the film, Lynch is a descendant of the Assassins, with genetic links to Aguilar, an Assassin in 15th century Spain.[5][4]

Marion Cotillard as Dr. Sophia Rikkin: A daughter of Alan Rikkin and the leading scientist of the Animus project at Abstergo Foundation.[6][1][7][8]
Michael K. Williams as Moussa: Descendant of a Caribbean Assassin who uses vodou poison against his enemies.[9][10]
Ariane Labed as Maria: An assassin in 15th century Spain with Aguilar.[11][7]
Jeremy Irons as Alan Rikkin:

A visionary CEO of Abstergo Industries and, particularly, his private Madrid-based organization Abstergo Foundation dedicated to the perfection of humankind.,[12] and the father of Sophia.[1][7][8] The character previously appeared in the first Assassin’s Creed game. Brendan Gleeson as Callum Lynch’s father.[1]